Vision Statement

To serve our clients in stable, long-term relationships by fostering cooperation, collegiality and mutual support among our entire staff, by making client attention, responsiveness and service our first priorities, by projecting a high level of concern about client engagements, by maintaining a high level of productivity, by attending to developments in our profession as well as in our clients’ industries, by utilizing technology, by generating a commitment to creativity, by planning for the future and by encouraging a devotion to effective and efficient problem-solving. To enhance our value to our clients by being as proactive as possible, instead of merely “reactive”, and to have communication with each client that is straightforward, direct, honest and respectful. To conduct ourselves ethically, remembering that Ethics is about behavior, and that our conduct reflects upon the entire Firm as well as on our profession. To collaborate with other allied professionals and colleagues, as needed, to ensure that our clients are well-served by the finest, brightest and best available. To provide a professional environment in which each member of our Firm can obtain broad experience, develop professionally and receive support and encouragement in their professional development. To manage our own business in a professional and profitable manner that enhances our ability to continue to practice, to train, recruit and retain those who are dedicated, competent and creative, and those who are also committed to supporting the high standards and practices of this Firm and who feel appreciated and rewarded for their efforts. To project our skills and abilities as well as our pride in the Firm to the entire accountancy profession, to our clients, to our prospective clients and to the community by writing, speaking and educating; to promote community involvement and concern for “tikkun olam” [repair of the world].

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