Client Documents

We require the following forms to be completed by all clients at the commencement of services:

Re: Tax Return Preparation

Client Representation Letter- Please sign and date at the bottom and return to our office

End Of 2018 Year Client Information with Instructions About Important Deadline Dates

2018 Client Essentials

Affirmation of Health Insurance in Compliance with the Affordable Care Act [“ObamaCare”] – Please complete this form, as we require it for every individual income tax return prepared after December 31, 2015.

Maintenance of Adequate Tax Records

Universal Tax Organizer – Please complete to the best of your ability

Potential Conflicts of Interest on Jointly Filed Tax Returns

Year End Compiler Schedule C – For Business Owners that are Sole Proprietors

RE: Tax Controversy

Tax Controversy Disclaimer – Please sign and date at the bottom of page 2 and return to our office